Integrating New Touchpoints to Create High-Performance Multi-Store Experience

Tom Tailor Successful on Black Friday

The Tom Tailor Group is the leader in the Casual Wear segment since it’s founding in 1962. As one of the top 10 fashion brands in Germany, the brand targets 25- to 45-year-olds with a keen interest in affordable, quality, and fashionable casual clothing and accessories.




Tom Tailor by the numbers

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Platform Solution

Managing the transition from offline to multi-channel

In recent years, the way in which consumers dive into the brand experience has changed immensely. User journeys are no longer merely brick-and-mortar but a mix of digital and offline activities with a variety of devices at play. Constant innovation is no longer restricted to an evolving product range but also has an effect on every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle.

This is why Tom Tailor opted for a platform solution like Spryker that will remain flexible no matter what interface will become the best channel for customers to shop and interact with in the future.

Launching Spryker

A game-changer for Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor’s objective for their relaunch was clear: moving away from its previously outsourced shop system solution that made any changes complex and costly and big developments practically impossible. Driven by high demands for solid shop performance, quick market adaptations, and competitiveness, the casualwear company was keen to find a solution that would bundle all of its retail and wholesale operations in one powerful system.

Spryker Commerce OS now empowers the brand to provide a competitive, multi-store customer experience. While reaching consumers in their most convenient channels and collecting data from any interface, the casualwear brand has been able to increase productivity and ROI.

Crafted and engineered

Core features

  • Gift Card

    A flexible way for customers to purchase a gift

  • Discounts

    To drive increased conversion rate with special offers

  • Product Groups

    With cross-linked product variables to make sure that a product’s different colors and sizes link to the same item

  • CMS content widget

    For adding dynamic content to pages (e.g. single product, product lists, product groups or product sets)


240% order growth on Black Friday

Thanks to the Spryker Commerce OS, Tom Tailor looks back on a stable and solid shop performance. Smoothly tackling any traffic peaks, the brand realized over 240 percent increase in order volume for the recent Cyber weekend.

Before and After

Tom Tailor pre- and post-relaunch

  • Pre-Launch

    Completely outsourced platform, hosting and development.


    Ownership of commerce requirements, data, and new feature development. Outsourced providers for email, PIM, loyalty programs, fulfillment, and payment.

  • Pre-Launch

    Developing new features was expensive and implementation took weeks or months. Big changes were near to impossible.


    Spryker Commerce OS releases new features and enhancements daily, meaning any interface that goes beyond a classic desktop shop can be enabled fast. Features are constantly expanded and feed into the individual Tom Tailor solution.

  • Pre-Launch

    The original attempt at a personalized solution did not meet advanced technology requirements and customer needs anymore.


    Rather than being presented with a fixed bundle, Tom Tailor is able to choose the feature sets they actually need, which enables the brand to offer the most relevant user experience.

  • Pre-Launch

    Constantly struggling to scale and optimize within an obsolete commerce solution


    Spryker Commerce OS performance is superb and results in faster loading speed, strong flexibility, and quicker development.

  • Pre-Launch
  • Launch-Date: JAN 2018
  • Post-Launch

Tom Tailor’s implementation partner

DEPT supported Tom Tailor to implement the system relaunch. Planning, building and optimizing the relaunch through A/B testing, the core of Tom Tailor’s online experience is now based on an agile and high-performance solution.

Handpicked for Tom Tailor

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