04 Jun - 04 Jun 2024/ Barcelona, Spain

Spryker at Shoptalk Europe 2024

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A cityscape of Barcelona at sunset, showcasing historical and modern architecture, with the Columbus Monument in the foreground and the distinctive, cylindrical Torre Glòries building in the background against a backdrop of mountains.

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Disaster Nights

June 3, 2024 from 19:30

Meeting point at Barcelona harbour

Walking Stores Tour and Networking

June 4, 2024 from 17:00

Meeting point at Plaça de l’Àngel 08002 – Metro station Jaume I – L4


Walking Stores Tour and Networking

We went out and about in the vibrant streets of Barcelona to uncover its hidden gems and must-visit stores. Led by Spryker Co-Founder, Alexander Graf, join us for an immersive stores tour in the city's most iconic barrios. As we traverse the cityscape, you’ll have the chance to engage with the passionate owners of traditional stores, hear firsthand their tales of resilience and innovation in the digital age. Afterwards, we’ll cap off the day with drinks and tapas against the backdrop of Barcelona's panoramic vistas from the top.

A cozy, modern store interior with a large oval mirror, shelves displaying various items, potted plants, and neatly organized wooden crates. The decor includes hanging fabric swatches and a round ceiling light illuminating the space.
This event is designed for digital leaders and innovators, so make sure not to miss this opportunity! Once you have signed up, we will confirm your attendance and provide further event details.
  • Event Agenda
    • 17:00 - 19:00
      Barrio Gotico & El Born - Meeting point at Plaça de l'Àngel
      Walking Stores Tour
      • Alexander Graf , Spryker Co-Founder
    • 19:15 - 19:45
      Terraza de Vivi at Kimpton Vividora
      Panel Discussion: What was your best and worst shopping experience, both offline and online, in the past 12 months?
      • Alexander Graf, Spryker Co-Founder
      • Philippe Schjelderup, KPS Nordic Business Consulting Director
      • Daniel Torres Dwyer, The FMCG Guys Podcast Founder & Co-Host
      • Uwe Fricke, Coremedia VP Cloud Services and Customer Success EMEA South
      • Louise Bonenfant, Atelier Bonenfant Founder
    • 19:45 - 23:00
      Terraza de Vivi at Kimpton Vividora
      Drinks & Tapas

Walking Stores Tour

Come along for a tour that’s anything but ordinary. We will start by stepping into a bygone era with a third-generation family-owned decorative store, established in 1761, that creates a unique atmosphere of elegance and nostalgia. A small atelier that crafts timeless and sustainable leather accessories while offering unique learning experiences. Discover the legacy of an iconic family-run hat shop, that is marking this year a century of excellence in producing high-quality traditional headwear. An art gallery that showcases emerging talents based in Catalonia. And not to be missed the fascinating tale of the first store that reimagined traditional espadrilles, adapting them to fashion and contributing to their internationalisation.  

A quaint candle shop with a vintage interior features a wooden staircase and a variety of colorful candles and jars displayed on a table. Shelves on the left hold neatly arranged candles, while a statue holding a light stands by the stairs.

Networking: Panel Discussion, Drinks & Tapas with a vista

After the tour, we’ll head over to a charming terrace overlooking Barcelona’s historic old town, conveniently located within walking distance. Take part in a panel discussion where our speakers will share their best and worst shopping experience, both offline and online, in the past 12 months. To cap off the day we will enjoy some delicious Spanish tapas and drinks letting the day’s adventures sink in against the backdrop of a spectacular view.

A cozy rooftop terrace featuring modern outdoor furniture, wicker chairs and a striped bench. A large potted plant stands beside the seating area under a pergola. The city skyline and a cathedral can be seen in the background.

This event is co-hosted by our partners


Disaster Night

In this unique evening, we will explore the epic failures, memorable coding errors, and digital disasters that have marked the history of various companies. Professionals from Spryker, Valantic Customer Experience and Digiu Digital Group will be sharing their worst projects with you, but fear not! They’ll also delve into how each of them managed to turn the tide and emerge victorious. You will have the chance to exchange ideas, thoughts and – if you are in the mood – to grab the microphone yourself. Disaster Night awaits to take you on an unforgettable journey through digital success. Don’t miss out on this unique experience! Once signed up, you will receive full details on the location.

A bearded man holds a microphone and a pint glass, speaking to an attentive crowd at a dockside event. Sailboats and tranquil waters are seen in the background, illuminated by a vibrant sunset. The audience is casually dressed, enjoying drinks and the scenic view.

This event is co-hosted by our partners

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