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Learn when is it the time for a software change and how to avoid pitfalls in Software Replatforming. The guide offers the following chapters:

  • CHAPTER 01 - When is it time for a software change?

  • CHAPTER 02 - The Scope

  • CHAPTER 03 - The Data Migration

  • CHAPTER 04 - The Test Run

  • CHAPTER 05 - System Migration with Spryker

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Guide Overview

From the best time to the right scoping to error-free data migration. A guide for successful software migration in commerce.

In this guide you will learn:

When is it Time for a Software Change

The right preliminary work

Smooth three-step process for data migration

System Migration with Spryker

System Migration at a Glance

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Replatform now in 3 easy steps to get ready for the busiest shopping time of the year.

Black Friday, Christmas, end-of-year sales – November and December are the busiest shopping months for retailers. Is your platform ready to handle the increased traffic and sales?

It’s not too late to consider replatforming. By taking a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, you can have your new e-commerce platform up and running in a matter of weeks. And don’t forget – Christmas comes around every year, so it’s never too early to already start considering next year’s big sales season.

This guide provides practical tips and best practices to make your software migration go smoothly and shows how Spryker facilitates easy migration of commerce software.

No matter which of the above reasons make you migrate to a new Commerce OS: in any case, new, different data and interface structures meet, and they need to be migrated to a common basis."

Spryker Systems


When is it time for a software change?

The customer is king – this old wisdom can certainly be applied to the new digital world. Customer focus is the most important tool for long-term customer loyalty. Nowadays, the ability to react quickly and flexibly to customer needs is a prerequisite for successful growth. The integration of new touchpoints, such as voice assistants, is a good example of this, but also personalized features, such as individual customer adaptations to the product can help to differentiate and cater to customer’s needs perfectly. If this possibility is not optimally represented in your current system setup, a new shop system should be considered that is better suited to the current and future needs of both your customers and your company.


Software Migration

Commerce software migration refers to the process of moving a business' e-commerce platform and associated data from one system to another. This can include upgrading or replacing existing e-commerce software, migrating customer and product data to a new format, or consolidating multiple e-commerce systems into a single platform. The goal of commerce software migration is typically to improve the functionality, performance, security, and scalability of a business' e-commerce infrastructure.
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