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AWS Leads the Charge in AI Enablement

AWS, alongside key partners like Spryker, is leading the charge in AI enablement, empowering a new ecosystem to emerge. From retail to healthcare, learn how their expansive AI capabilities are transforming industries.

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Sylvain Bureau
Value Engineer - Marketplace specialist
05. Jul 2024
3 min read
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AWS AI Enablement

Amazon Web Services (AWS), known for driving digital transformation over the past decade, continues to showcase its role as a pivotal AI enabler by taking significant leaps toward powering AI applications. 

At a recent AWS Summit, they emphasized that while AI may be an emerging trend, it makes up only a small, visible section of the greater technology iceberg. But if we dive below the surface of the water, we see that the small tip of the larger iceberg is fundamentally supported by cloud infrastructure and vast amounts of data. 

For this reason, AWS, alongside key partners like Spryker, is leading the charge in AI enablement, empowering a new ecosystem to emerge.

We are very happy to see that Spryker shares AWS' culture of innovation, customer-centricity, agility, and flexibility, enabling both companies to work better together to shape the future of e-commerce. From unlocking new business models that enhance the competitive edge to capturing more profitable growth and scale, this partnership is helping customers fuel their long-term success.

Dr. Stefan Schneider Principal Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

How AI Is Transforming Industries

At a recent AWS Summit in Paris, AWS demonstrated its expansive AI capabilities through a series of use cases spanning various industries.


In retail, AWS showcased solutions from three providers, two of which focus on product personalization for production and research and development. These solutions allow for extensive customization, leveraging databases that include all parts, materials, and colors. Wedia, another key provider, offers the creation of marketing visuals tailored to specific themes and prompts.


In healthcare, AWS has introduced its virtual assistant technology, Alexa, in settings such as hospitals and retirement homes. It enhances service delivery through vocal interactions and digital confirmations, including ticketing and order processes displayed on tablets.

Cross-Industry Applications

AWS’s AI solutions also extend to various sectors, such as automotive, construction, and energy, with use cases in call center management, supply chain optimization, and predictive maintenance. At the summit, AWS underscored the necessity of processing large data volumes within unified environments to drive efficiency across these sectors.

Digital Applications 

From gaming gadgets like connected climbing walls and punching bags to digital applications in fraud detection and search personalization, AWS’s AI tools are proving to be crucial to specific use cases. Plus, the integration of data, analytics, and KPIs facilitates enhanced performance analysis and solution personalization.

Emerging Challenges and the Path Forward

Despite the advancements, AI still predominantly resides within innovation departments and solution providers, who are increasingly embedding AI capabilities to improve their solutions’ KPIs. The current limitations of AI, including issues with omnichannel integration and unexploitable data, present barriers that need addressing to unlock broader use cases, particularly in retail.

Moreover, sustainability remains a pressing concern, with AI poised to play a significant role. The complexity of independent auditing, reporting, and data processing requires transparent solutions that AI is uniquely positioned to provide.

Shaping the Future of AI Across Industries

AWS continues to demonstrate that it’s not only continuing its legacy of innovation in digital transformation, but it’s also shaping the future of AI applications across industries. 

As AWS and its key partnerships propel forward, their influence on the AI ecosystem is expected to grow, fostering new technologies and solutions that meet the evolving demands of the digital age.

Through the synergy of AWS cloud services, serverless technology, and Spryker’s composable commerce platform, Spryker, and AWS enable companies to achieve maximum flexibility and scalability. Learn more about how Spryker and AWS work better together here.

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