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App Orchestration Platform

Spryker’s new App Orchestration Platform (AOP) allows Spryker Cloud customers to try out 3rd party services with their online business in the most seamless, secure and curated way.

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AOP Benefits

Spryker’s Offer

  • For Customers

    • Quick, No-code integrations
    • Fully functional trials
    • Consumption-based billing
    • Single POC / Integration Owner
    Our Customers
  • For Partners

    • Faster GTM
    • Lower investment, low risk
    • True PBC architecture
    • Clean billing and usage reports
    Our Partners

Bringing a unique, easy-to-use experience to our customers while solving the software lifecycle problem for our tech partners is something we have been working on for the last 2 years. Allowing for easy trials and one-
click connections to apps in a curated setting will help our customers grow even faster.”

Boris Lokschin CEO, Spryker

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