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Benchmark Report: How to win big in a competitive D2C market

Spryker, Mobiquity and Shopping Tomorrow created a benchmark report for D2C companies and gathered more insights into how existing D2C companies can improve their current D2C offering.

The Benchmark report includes:

Insights from 24 existing, best in class, D2C companies, including Nike, Adidas, Dyson and Rose Bikes

Detailed Website analysis of leading D2C brands like Gymshark, Dollar Shave Club and Everdrop

Benchmarks for UX/UI, Payments, Delivery & returns and Sales funnels

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Insights from the D2C Benchmark Report

The key D2C differentiators “Pricing & Loyalty Models” and “Service & Support” have the greatest opportunities to improve

Our main findings highlight that the majority of D2C companies do not fully exploit the benefits of being the brand manufacturer. Key differentiation areas such as pricing and loyalty models, along with service and support are scoring lowest of all the criteria. While the “standard” front end and directly visible criteria such as UX/UI and the sales funnel do score well, overall there are many areas that can improve with over half the main criteria scoring less than 40% out of 100%.

With the rapid changes in D2C and shopping behaviors, paired with the often-legacy landscapes within bigger companies, it is important that the technology stack chosen for your D2C channel is a so called “composable commerce platform”


How To Win Big In A Competitive D2C Market Stack

About the Report
Mobiquity and Spryker noticed that more and more B2C companies are setting up their own D2C channel. Together, we collaborated with 24 brand manufacturers from the Shopping Tomorrow platform, to discuss the key drivers for starting such a channel

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