MVPs and incremental deploys as a solution for rapidly changing markets

Your guide to implementing MVP projects in the best possible technical way

MVP Guide

How to increase business value and IT productivity with MVPs

  • Realize digitization as quickly as possible
  • Focus on agility, IT productivity and real user value
  • Avoid misinvestments and technical debt
  • Fast user feedback and automated change throughput


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Content outline

What you can expect in the MVP Guide

In this guide, we look at both the technological and business value added by MVPs at a time of rapidly changing markets. We explain technical best practices for implementing an MVP and discuss the potential of automation in the form of continuous delivery.

  • 01   MVP is more than a buzzword
  • 02   MVP as best solution for rapidly changing markets
  • 03   The right technical way to build an MVP
  • 04   Business value of an MVP
  • 05   MVP Case: ROSE Bikes adapting to market changes
  • 06   Materials for non-IT stakeholders


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