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Spryker’s Packaged Business Capabilities

What are Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs)?

Packaged Business Capabilities are an independent assembly of features that are grouped into larger clusters. They are the perfect in-between solution between bulky and slow monolithic applications and small, hard to manage microservices.

Why? To make decisions on benefits and usability of a software faster and easier for all involved parties – from IT specialists to end-users.

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Technically, a PBC is a bounded collection of a data schema and a set of services, APIs and event channels.

Gartner, December 11th, 2019 Innovation Insight for Packaged Business Capabilities and Their Role in the Future Composable Enterprise,


Packaged Business Capabilities at Spryker


  • The purpose of each PBC is to add business value into the system, with a clear definition of benefits and necessities for both business and IT entities, as decisions on new functionalities, products or services should be a joint effort.
  • Interdepartmental understanding of Business and tech values drives progress and created added value for each stakeholder.
  • Standardized, inflexible and bulky shelfware can be avoided, since PBCs let companies pick what is necessary, while leaving high customization opportunities.
  • PBCs decrease not only complexity but also the Total-Cost-of-Ownership compared to the canonical Microservice approach.



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A peek into Spryker’s PBCs

Product Management

The Spryker Product Management Business Capability encompasses all functionality that is needed to set-up your Product Catalog, like Product Management, Packaging & Measurement Units, Product Relations and Catalog Management.

A sophisticated Product Management Capability accelerates your business by organizing your product offerings in a fast and efficient way that fits your customer’s demands.

Order Management System

The powerful Order Management Business Capability gives you full control over fulfillment in your shop and provides a powerful State Machine. 

Take advantage of an effortless process to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently and increase your customer’s and employee’s satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage and keep in touch with all your customers, no matter if B2C, B2B, D2C or Marketplace. All end-customer relations can be handled centrally in Spryker.

Enable B2B customers to follow internal workflow and processes while increasing  conversion rates and customer satisfaction with B2C focused CRM tools.

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