The Guide for Efficient Digitization

Learn from digital pioneers

Digital commerce is booming. The online share of total turnover is growing continuously and e-commerce companies are increasing their turnover from year to year. Nevertheless, the term “digitization” still seems to be deceptive for many companies. Why is that? How can analog processes be transferred to the online world and what conditions are required?


01 Digitization – Why do so Many People Find it so Difficult?

According to a study conducted by the German Trade Association, German e-commerce grew in 2018 to an amount of 48.9 billion euros. That is about 10% stronger than predicted in the previous year’s study and shows there is no saturation limit in sight. Nevertheless, the term ‘digitization’ still seems to confuse a lot of companies. Why is this?

Most companies must deal with the topic of ‘digitization’ but nobody is doing it because they genuinely want to. Amazon and others are simply piling on the pressure for them to transform. If you take a closer look at many ‘digitization projects,’ one thing becomes clear: It’s often more about the topic of electricity, meaning it’s about transferring partially analog or outdated processes to the online world.

Virtually everyone agrees digitization is about digitally mapping processes but they make the mistake of focusing on the wrong things. Instead, they often focus solely on standardizing processes in order to translate the results into a digital medium regardless of whether the resulting process has been optimized for the medium or if it’s customer-friendly.