Spryker Cloud Commerce OS

B2B Suite

B2B procurement is rapidly changing and needs to meet demanding customer needs. The Spryker Cloud Commerce OS B2B Suite is a ready-to-use collection of powerful B2B-specific features, front- and back-ends, tailored to the exact needs to help your business succeed.

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Feature Highlight: Quotation & Offer Management

B2B customers often enter purchasing negotiations and need a tool that aids in the interaction between customer and Sales Agents. The Spryker feature, Quotation & Offer Management, is an essential and flexible B2B tool that maps out several use cases to cover all your needs.

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You are in Good Company

From creating a marketplace as big as Amazon to disrupting B2B office procurement, see for yourself how our B2B customers have used the Spryker Commerce OS to become pioneers in B2B commerce.