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There is no denying it, COVID-19 has really thrown the world for a loop. It has changed the business landscape, perhaps forever. Now that the initial shock has started to wear off, many companies are looking to see how they can adjust their short and long term planning to ensure their business can weather the storm and perhaps prosper in a post-COVID-19 world. 

Spryker can help. Whether you are just getting your commerce business online for the first time or if you have been selling digitally for a while, we have 4 winning strategies to help you on your journey to success.

Find your winning strategy!

Strategy #1

Act Now

The crisis situation today is forcing traditional retailers and manufacturers to rethink their business models and adapt them to new customer needs as quickly as possible. 

If you are looking to get your product or shop online quickly, perhaps for the first time, using a ‘trial and error’ based approach that follows the minimum viable product (MVP) process, is a great way to get up and running fast. What does an MVP scope look like and what are the advantages? Download the Spryker MVP Guide to get step-by-step insight into this quick-to-market approach.

MVP as a solution white paper cover

Strategy #2

Go Direct!

Market and shopping dynamics are driving every business to get to know and sell directly to customers. Manufacturers that have already recognized this no longer rely on middlemen like Amazon, but sell directly to the customer through online channels.

Spryker can help you set up an online shop within days, as we did for Kapten & Son. Selling direct helps you manage your brand experience, reduces channel distribution dependencies and can help increase your sales margins. Check out our Direct-to-Consumer Video to learn more.


Strategy #3

Own your Growth!

Companies that wait for business to get back to normal anytime soon will lose. The economy will never be the same as before the crisis. Take advantage of the changed market conditions to improve your business model and delivery chain.

Manage more of the customer experience yourself or add additional products that complement your current offerings to improve your customer satisfaction and grow your business. Now you have the opportunity to optimize your customer focus, your finances and your inventory through new holistic processes. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Find out more!


Strategy #4

Prepare for a Post-Corona World

Prepare now for future success. Although an MVP approach works well, if you already have an e-commerce solution and are looking to re-strategize, revamp, or replatform, now is the time to prepare.

Consider how market conditions may have changed forever, what are the winning strategies moving forward, and decide today how to adapt your business with new processes and technology that will enable your future success.


Spryker Cloud Commerce OS NOW

Introducing the fastest-time-to value, direct-to-consumer version of Spryker

Spryker Cloud Commerce OS is a fully modular Commerce System that enables B2B, B2C, and Marketplace business models through any customer interface, touchpoint, and device. Known for its easy extensibility, best-in-class performance, and fast time-to-market, Spryker is trusted by brands such as TOYOTA, and HILTI. The new Spryker Cloud Commerce OS NOW version brings these advantages to the next level and has been specifically developed for manufacturers and brands who want to reach their customers directly online. Spryker Cloud Commerce OS NOW can be set up quickly, within days, unlike traditional commerce implementation project timelines.


  • Fast: Live in less than a week
  • Secure: Scalable cloud hosting, 24×7 support, GDPR compliant
  • Complete: All enterprise features of the B2C Spryker Commerce OS included
  • Futureproof: Full functional extensibility for future project phases
  • Flexible: Monthly payments, minimum contractual term

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